Nvidia is counter-attacking Intel on their upcoming Larrabee GPU calling it aPowerPoint slide and facing constant delays according to aCNET interviewwith Jen-Hsun Huang. Most probably, the first generation Larrabee will face atough going against the Nvidia’s GT200 series and beyond. However, according toa roadmap VR-Zone has seen, the second generation Larrabee might have a chance againstNvidia’s future offerings in 2010-11 with a new architecture, many more cores on32nm process technology and Quad Larrabee cards support. Clearly, Intel’sstrategy here is to increase the number of cores per GPU and increase the numberof Larrabee GPUs supported per platform. This is possible due to their advancedfab and process technology, an area which fabless Nvidia has little control overand has to rely on TSMC’s process technology. We are eager to see the first hintof Larrabee performance on the current and future games.