Our friends over atHKEPC posted some interesting information on the NVIDIA Quad SLI technologythrough an interview with NVIDIA desktop chipset manager, George Myers.Apparently, the SLI technology on the Gigabyte 3D1 and ASUS Extreme DUAL cardsis different from the Quad SLI technology. Each of the Dual 7800GTX 512 card isspecially made and has an additional chip onboard to control the data transferto both the GPUs for calculation. Quad SLI can be used on nForce 4 SLI x16 AMDas well as Intel Edition. The reason why Quad SLI uses 1-3 2-4 MIO connectionmethod is to reduce the Northbridge and Southbridge HTT bandwidth usage as thecalculated data can be transferred from the Dual 7800GTX 512MB card on theNorthbridge through the MIO to the Dual 7800GTX 512MB card on the Southbridge.