In some ways Qualcomm appears to be behind some of its competitors, especially with the delay of its first quad core processors, but its new MSM8960 SoC has proven that more cores arent always the way forward, despite the market hype. Now the company has announced a "pro" version of the MSM8960, simply called the MSM8960 Pro.

In fact, VR-Zone reported about this model way back in September of last year, but then we didnt have a lot of detail to go on, except that there would be to SKUs of the MSM8960, one with Adreno 225 graphics which is the model available now and one with Adreno 320 graphics which is the pro version that Qualcomm has announced now. The MSM8960 Pro will also be clocked higher at 1.7GHz versus 1.5GHz for the non pro version.

According to the press release from Qualcomm, the MSM8960 Pro will be optimized for "the most advanced operating systems, including the highly anticipated Windows 8 system" suggesting that the company is likely to target the MSM8960 Pro towards ARM based tablets and the ultra-thin and light notebook segment rather than for phones.

Qualcomm also claims to have over 120 OEM design wins in development for its Snapdragon S4 class SoCs, although to be clear, this includes some 14 different SKUs of which some hasnt launched as yet and of which a couple are even based on the ARM Cortex-A5 core rather than Qualcomms Krait architecture. Even so its easy to see why Qualcomm is currently ahead of the competition when it comes to market share in the mobile SoC market space, but the company cant rest on its laurels, as there are plenty of competitors that want a slice of Qualcomms market share and it looks like 2012 is going to be a very competitive year among the ARM licensees.

Source: Qualcomm