Qualcomm announced today that they will be releasing a multi-band LTE chip that can potentially change the demographics of current smartphones. The new Qualcomm LTE (WTR1605L) chip will support seven frequencies—three frequencies below 1.0 GHz, three above, and one at 2.5 GHz+.

Current smartphone landscapes involve many carriers with many different types of 4G. AT&T and Verizon both have 4G LTE, but each carrier operates it on different frequencies. The WTR1605L will help consolidate those differences in LTE frequencies, and help manufacturers focus on a single piece of tech instead of splitting up their processes into different carrier requirements. In addition to multi-band capability, the WTR1605L will be manufactured on a 28nm process to reduce power consumption–how can manufacturers resist such a darn good piece of tech?

The prospect of a single smartphone being able to operate on multiple carriers’ data frequency brings about a whole new meaning for “world phone.” Many current world phones can operate as a text and talk phone, but often times when it comes to a carrier’s data its more than a struggle—it’s downright near impossible.

However, the WTR1605L is still subject to the FCC’s approval, so don’t go searching for “WTR1605L world phones” just yet. Qualcomm announced that the chip will be released next month, and will be integrated into smartphones by as early as the end of this year.

Source: fcc.gov, fiercewireless.com