These days most people with a broadband internet connection at home have some kind of Wi-Fi router, however not all of these are equal as it goes and there are many things that make them work differently well. Quantenna is an interesting company that so far havent had a real breakthrough, but the company is making 4×4 MIMO Wi-Fi chipsets which allows for streaming of HD video, in fact, multiple streams of HD video over a standard Wi-Fi network.

The company has announced its latest family of chipsets the QHS7xx family which offers 802.11n speeds of up to 600Mbit/s on the 5GHz band. All of its products are dual band, but the idea is that you use the 5GHz band for video streaming and the much more common 2.4GHz band for computers and various handheld devices and what not. Quantennas chipsets also use a technology known as beamforming which further helps the signal to reach where it might otherwise not reach. This is extra helpful when living in a large home, or in one with multiple floors.

The only slight snag in this is that there arent a lot of 5GHz Wi-Fi video receivers out there and so far youve had to buy a two kit set with a transmitter and a receiver to make use of Quantennas technology, making it all a bit expensive for the average consumer. Sadly this isnt likely to change any time soon, but Quantenna is working with a wide range of Wi-Fi device makers to try and get its technology into them. As the Quantenna chipsets work just fine inside a regular router, the companys new, more affordable QHS710 will hopefully find its way into some standard dual-band routers, whereas the more expensive QHS715 will still be reserved for more advanced video streaming solutions. We should hopefully be seeing some Quantenna based products come Computex as we know the company is working with several Taiwanese manufacturers to put its technology into their products.

Source: Quantenna