While we await Yorkfield Processors, the latest incarnation of the Kentsfieldprocessor still holds plenty to look forward to! EVGA Rev A2 vintage 680i SLIMotherboard, together with Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850. This combo runs muchbetter than my good old QX6700… the amazing thing about this CPU is it’s lowrequirement of voltage.

Just 1.55v, without any Droop mods on the board, this processor runs through 3DMark CPU Test with the 4 cores at 4792MHz, and with just plain old Cascadecooling!

With 1.65v, I played for some screenshots, with 4 cores enabled of course!

5133MHz with just 1.65v! For best clocks of course, LN2 has to be employed,but looking at this, probably 3D Mark stable at 5GHz with LN2 cooling is quite easy.So much better than my QX6700!