INQ revealed that R520 core clock will be much higher than 600MHz+ and ofcourse dual slot cooling solution is needed. Some of the cards have left ATI’sheadquarters but R520 clock speeds are not settled as it’s a matter of yields.ATI will be getting in for a hard launch sometime in September time, so it hasto have the real hardware as soon as it launches. ATI might do XT PE this timeagain.

Ed : We saw the R520 card back in Computex along with R530 and RV515.The R520 card looks pretty much like a X850XT PE which is a dual slot solutionbut has a mosfet sink like the NVIDIA’s and the PWM area is improved. The copperheatsink on the GPU is bigger if i can still remember correctly and there is aHDTV connector on the card too. As for R530 and RV515, they look pretty muchlike the current X700 and X300 cards.